Seiki Systems Touchscreen

We developed an interactive sales tool for the manufacturing software company Seiki Systems.

Seiki wanted a more dynamic way to present their products at trade shows and when visiting prospective clients. To help illustrate their workflows we created a ‘Virtual Factory’ which users could move around to explore the different product areas Seiki cover.

From the outset the intention was for us to create a full three-dimensional model of a factory. We visited a manufacturing plant for reference – getting a feel for scale and materials helped enormously when we came to build the model itself. The layout had to be believable but also work as a complete exposed model that users could zoom into, and was all based on a product workflow brief we were given by Seiki.

A photo from our manufacturing plant visit

The final ‘Virtual Factory’ underwent many significant revisions before the final result. Because of the complexity of the model we had to upgrade our hardware to cope with it. We used TheFoundry’s Modo software to model and texture all the elements of the warehouse building. These were used to create fly-through animations to give dynamism to the touchscreen presentation. In addition a print version of the final factory design was delivered, for display in the Seiki Systems HQ.

The finished Virtual Factory render

The final application, delivered in 2014, is still in use today.