ITV Good Morning Britain

Updating the look of a show is always a big undertaking. We were thrilled that ITV asked us to help with the recent refresh of Good Morning Britain.

Screen-Shot-2017-05-11-at-11.21.19-776x517Good Morning Britain (GMB) is a complex live show with a lot of on-screen graphics. The design process involved a huge amount of work from the in-house daytime graphics team at ITV, revising all of the on-screen furniture as well as titles, wipes, and many other elements.

Our involvement was to rebuild a significant part of the on-screen furniture, including the lower-third straps, live locators and in addition to build a new look for the opener graphics which are shown at the top of the hour. As well as building all these elements in VizRt transition logic, we were also tasked with improving workflow in a number of areas, including implementing an operator controlled BlackMagic playback system (based on our KZ-VCS software).

We created a wide array of updated and brand new Viz Content Pilot templates, used by the production team to build the various elements for each show. The graphics incorporate Social Media from, so this was another element of our build.

After about a month of consultation and development, the new graphics for GMB went live at 06:00 on the 13th March.